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About Climate Smart Communities

Here at New Paltz Climate Smart, to help the broader community act, local governments can enable climate-smart practices through land use plans, zoning and building codes and efficient transportation policies. A key local government role is leading, educating and setting an example of energy efficiency and adaptation.

Element 1

Adopt the Climate Smart Communities Pledge:  A public commitment to reduce GHG emissions and prepare for unavoidable climate change

Element 2

Steps for communities as they assess their emissions and choose actions

Element 3

Reducing greenhouse gases and taxpayer cost for electricity and fossil fuel

Element 4

Taking advantage of the state's abundant renewable resources to supply more of the energy we need

Element 5

Managing materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow the economy

Element 6

Minimize the greenhouse gas impact of new development. Update or adopt community plans, land-use policies, building codes, and multi-modal transportation actions to reduce sprawl, vehicle miles traveled, and protect open lands, wetlands and forests.

Element 7

Developing local adaptation plans to minimize the adverse impacts of climate change

Element 8

Lead and support the transition to a green economy by incorporating climate protection and sustainability into economic development plans.

Element 9

Host events, organize educational programs, and support websites and social media outlets that publicize local government commitment to reducing energy use; saving tax dollars, reducing, reusing, and recycling materials; and adapting to a changing climate.

Element 10

Monitor and report on progress toward achieving goals. Be willing to consider new ideas and adjust existing approaches. Ensure strategies and plans are up to date. Compare successes and cooperate with neighboring communities. Maintain involvement of stakeholders.

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